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Temple of the Goddess is an organization of Tantra facilitators, body workers, relationship and sexuality counselors, touch therapists, sex surrogates, intuitive healers, Certified Tantric Therapists, sex educators, counselors and healers who practice yoga and other systems of healing and empowerment. Here you will find valuable information on conscious loving, pleasure and spiritual awakening.

We employ a variety of both eastern and western techniques to heal abuse (physical, sexual & emotional) improve personal relationships, facilitate a greater understanding of sexual energy and how it can be used to improve life on every level. GoddessTemple is committed to bringing back a world nourished by the truth, that sexuality is sacred and our survival is dependent on education and embracing of who we truly are as loving spiritual beings. Our life force is healing, creative, beneficial to health and happiness. Sex is a holy, sacred and divine healing force at the core our beings. Once we embrace this force instead of deny it, we become successful, happy and powerful manifestors.




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Last Updated on Sunday, 22 December 2013 20:41 Written by Tantra Devi Sunday, 22 December 2013 15:26

FIVE EASY STEPS: Expanding Orgasms for All: Women Men and Couples
y Tantra Devi and Seekers

Thank you for being your own guru.
This is a mere outline to guide you to The Practice:
The Tantric Art of Self Loving.

The technique begins the process of a personal practice to move energy with consciousness for men and women and couples by increasing body sensation awareness, controlling and expanding orgasm and creating a relationship to reality through a personal Tantric practice:

1. Set Aside Time to Cultivate:

Just like with any new lifestyle change you will need to create the time and habit in order to practice and cultivate. In order to c
ultivate the new arousal energy everyday or awaken the Kundilini within you. In a solo practice, you would want to set aside time for self-love making just as in a partnership.

For partnerships garnering time will be an agreement that is fun and easy to keep.

Some ideas to get the mood started:

For some this could include erotic music and the like “sexual healing” by Marvin Gaye or dance. I also recommend Make Love Not Porn for information and See Me Demonstrate AMRITA with Dr Corynna Clarke for inspiration, instead of conventional pornography.

2. Breathe; Breathe; Breathe
Breathe the Circular Breath. It is so easy breathe-in/breathe-out connecting the inflow to the outflow. In through the nose out through the mouth with the Toning, the sound of love ‘ahhh’ and ‘oooh’. Use the Bija Mantras (seed mantras) recommended by
www.coyrnna.com . Lam (l-ah-m) for Root and Yam(Y-ah-m) for heart. What I find the easiest to recall when in the heights of personal self-pleasure passion are to use the sounds of love: "ooohhhs" and "ahhhhhs" while intending to become very very aroused. For Men this is where Edging into orgasm and circulating the ejaculating bridges the gap between the male arousal and female desire. For Women this is where pushing in to the "gap" or "edge" though seemingly numbness into an orgasmic state allows her to become open and intimate.

3. Circulate:
With one hand on heart one on the root (for right handed men left hand on root and right hand on heart) Breathe, if you are truly ready to expand, breathe, breathe and connect to you. Cultivate a deep knowing of the self-love that is the birthright of Divine Humanity. As a woman place your left hand on your left breast cupping and lifting to the heart and with your right hand on root cultivate. Breathe.

I will expand this area on the blog: 5 Easy Steps Blog

4. SEXercise or Practice:
Practice strengthening PC-muscle or the SEX muscle by stopping and starting your urine flow, or as you pee start strengthening. Try using the tune of “row row row your boat” so the squeezing is off and on.  Video soon to be posted!

When you get to gently down the stream press out and bear down evacuating all contents of the bladder and practicing the “release” as well.

Then when men want ejaculation control flutter or squeeze and release rapidly while HOLDING the breath and toning it out.

When women want to have orgasm do the same flutter the PC-muscle Alternating "bearing down" and "squeezing".

5. Toning and the HOME-Play:
Remember the “ahhh”? The toning the brings the memory of ‘home’ back to you; drawing the new energy to where ‘home’ resides within you, within your heart. ‘Home’ being the integrated spirit of one-ness known through the expanded orgasm. As you are cultivating the climax of orgasm use “oooh” sounds with full self-expression. Just don’t hold back. And let your orgasm expand through the entire body.

For Men: Ejaculation Choice starts with awareness. A scale has been long established to communicate arousal in men. 1-10, the focus here is on 8.5. 7-close to heaven, 8-at the gates, 9-feeling so fine, 10-We win!

When at 8.5 Breathe in and hold, squeezing as in the sex-ercise above until you must exhale using an audible tone (‘Ah’ derived from the Bija or seed mantras).

For Women: Amrita, female ejaculation start with awareness.

Create a safe and scared space to cultivate. Use the same sex-ercises as above and explore yourself with-in. Use breath to open and also tone, tone, tone. (‘Ah’ derived from the Bija or seed mantras). Find your sacred spot by using just the middle finger slightly inside the Yoni with the palm facing you, curl up your finger like a ‘come hither’ motion until you feel a pressure and a ridged surface. If you place your tongue on the roof of your mouth the place your are exploring feels like the ridged-ness of the roof of your mouth. Stay here and explore.

To learn more:

Divine Goddesses FAQ's on Tantra

To see Amrita: Unveiled (worth it)

To book a session world-wide: Temple of the Goddess

To learn more about couple for couples sessions: Chakra Tantra Virtual Temple


The Glory of Tantric Sex

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Written by Carla Tara Friday, 21 June 2013 21:42

The Glory of Tantric Sex  by Carla Tara

Tantra is the art of living with awareness, openness and love.

Tantra gives you secret tools for living a life that make you feel good inside, and gifts you with the greatest passionate and transcendental experiences of Tantric lovemaking.  It helps you fulfill your core desire for union. 

Sex is essential to life and it has an essential place.  Yet, most of us grew up having to guess how to express ourselves sexually because there were no real teachers or role models in our lives to show us how to really make love in a fulfilling way.

Since sex was often presented to us shrouded in guilt and shame, now we are often confused by, and perhaps even feel ashamed of this life-giving sexual energy.  

If you feel guilty or ashamed of sex, much of your energy will be used up suppressing the uncomfortable and debilitating emotions of guilt and shame. Therefore sexual energy can’t  express itself in mind-blowing orgasms. You are missing the chance to experience all the energy you have.

Tantra heals shame and guilt and restores sex to the divine gift that it is.

Tantra gives excellent guidance how to live life more consciously, and express all your energies responsibly with enthusiasm, passion, and love.

Many men and women complain that ‘regular sex’ is not relaxing. Often regular sex is performance-oriented, and many women reveal that they fake orgasm.

Great sex requires presence, deep breath, conscious hip movements, and releasing pleasurable sounds. These are keys that open you up to a Tantric experience.   

Sexy sounds are particularly important, and we are often shy about having people hear our passion. When Mary explained to me that she could not enjoy sex, I asked her if she was completely silent during her lovemaking. She answered: “Of course!  I don’t want to weird out my boyfriend!” Mary didn’t understand that sound is one of the keys that help you let go of the controlling rational mind. If you can’t let go during sexual experience, you are robbing yourself of the greatest pleasure, and the deepest connection with your lover.

Sexual energy is sacred, a gift of God/Goddess.  The more you learn how to use it, the closer you feel to your Divine essence, and to the Divine essence of your lover. 

How would you treat a God or Goddess who comes to visit you?  Would you do some preparation?  Would you be excited while preparing?

When you see the divinity in your lover you want to give them the best experience possible, you want to be with him or her in the highest ecstasy.   In fact, the more ecstasy you have in your life, the better your relationships will be.


Is Tantra Indulgent?

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Written by Osho Monday, 18 October 2010 20:56

- Osho, Isn't Tantra a way of Indulgence?

- IT IS NOT. It is the ONLY way to get out of indulgence. It is the only way to get out of sexuality. No other way has ever been helpful for man; all other ways have made man more and more sexual. Sex has not disappeared. The religions have made it only more poisoned. It is still there – in a poisoned form. Yes, guilt has arisen in man, but sex has not disappeared. It CANNOT disappear because it is a biological-reality. It is existential; it cannot simply disappear by repressing it. It can disappear only when you become so alien that you can release the energy encapsulated in sexuality – not by repression is the energy released, but by understanding.

And once the energy is released, out of the mud the lotus.... The lotus has to come UP out of the mud, it has to go higher, and repression takes it deeper into the mud. It goes on repressing it. What you have done up to now, the whole humanity, is repressing sex in the mud of the unconscious. Go on repressing it, sit on top of it; don’t allow it to move; kill it by fasting, by discipline, by going to a cave in the Himalayas, by moving to a monastery where a woman is not allowed. There are monasteries where a woman has never entered for hundreds of years; there are monasteries where only nuns have lived and a man has never entered. These are ways of repressing. AND they create more and more sexuality and more and more dreams of indulgence.

No, Tantra is not a way of indulgence. It is the only way of freedom. Tantra says: Whatsoever is has to be understood and through understanding changes occur of their own accord. So listening to me or listening to Saraha, don’t start thinking that Saraha is supporting your indulgence. You will be in bad shape if you accept that.

Listen to this story: An elderly gent named Martin went to a doctor for an examination. ”I want you to tell me what’s wrong, doctor. I feel some pains here and there, and I can’t understand it. I’ve lived a very clean life – no smoking, drinking or running around. I’m in bed, alone, at nine o’clock every night. Why should I feel this way?””How old are you?” asked the doctor.”I’ll be seventy-four on my next birthday,” said Martin.The doctor answered, ”After all, you’re getting on in years, you’ve got to expect things like that. But you’ve lots of time left yet. Just take it easy, and don’t worry. I suggest you go to Hot Springs.”
So Martin went to Hot Springs. There he met another gent who looked so old and decrepit that Martin felt encouraged by the comparison. ”Brother,” says Martin, ”you sure must have taken good care of yourself, living to such a ripe old age. I’ve lived a quiet, clean life, but not like you, I’ll bet. What is your formula for obtaining a ripe old age like you have reached?”
<span>So this shriveled old guy says, ”On the contrary, sir. When I was seventeen my father told me,’Son, you go and enjoy life. Eat, drink and be merry to your heart’s content. Live life to the fullest. Instead of marrying one woman, be a bachelor and have ten. Spend your money for fun, for yourself, instead of on a wife and kids.’ Yeah: wine, women and song, life lived to the full. That’s been my policy all my life, brother!”

”Sounds like you got something,” said Martin. ”How old are you’?”The other answered, ”Twenty-four.”

Indulgence is suicidal – as suicidal as repression. These are the two extremes that Buddha says to avoid. One extreme is repression, the other extreme is indulgence. Just be in the middle; neither be repressive, nor be indulgent. Just be in the middle, watchful, alert, aware. It is your life! Neither does it have to be repressed, nor does it have to be wasted – it has to be understood. It is your life – take care of it! love it! befriend it! If you can befriend your life, it will reveal many mysteries to you, it will take you to the very door of God.

But Tantra is not indulgence at all. The repressive people have always thought that Tantra is indulgence; their minds are so much obsessed. For example: a man who goes to a monastery and lives there without ever seeing a woman, how can he believe that Saraha is not indulging when he lives with a woman? Not only lives but practises strange things: sitting before the woman naked, the woman is naked, and he goes on watching the woman; or even while making love to the woman he goes on watching.
Now, you cannot watch his watching; you can see only that he is making love to a woman. And if you are repressive, your whole repressed sexuality will bubble up. You must start going mad! And you will project all that you have repressed in yourself on Saraha – and Saraha is not doing anything like that; he is moving in a totally different dimension. He is not really interested in the body: he wants to see what this sexuality is; he wants to see what this appeal of orgasm is; he wants to see what exactly orgasm is; he wants to be meditative in that peak moment, so that he can find the clue and the key... maybe there is the key to open the door of the Divine.

In fact, it is there. God has hidden the key in your sexuality. On the one hand, through your sex, life survives; that is only partial use of your sex energy. On another hand, if you move with full awareness in your sex energy, you will find that you have come across a key that can help you to enter into eternal life. One small aspect of sex is that your children will live. The other aspect, a higher aspect, is that you can live in eternity. Sex energy is life energy.

Ordinarily we don’t move further than the porch, we never go into the palace. Saraha is trying to go into the palace. Now, the people who came to the king, they must have been suppressed people as all people are suppressed. The politician and the priest HAVE to teach suppression,. because it is only through suppression that people are driven insane. And you can rule insane people more easily than sane people. And when people are insane in their sex energy, they start moving in other directions – money they will start moving towards, or power, or prestige. They have to show their sex energy somewhere or other; it is boiling there – they have to release it in some way or other. So money-madness or power-addiction, they become their releases.

This whole society is sex-obsessed. If sex-obsession disappears from the world, people will not be money-mad. Who will bother about money? And people will not be bothered by power. Nobody will like to become a president or a prime minister – for what?! Life is so tremendously beautiful in its ordinariness, it is so superb in its ordinariness, why should one want to become somebody? By being nobody it is so delicious – nothing is missing. But if you destroy people’s sexuality and make them repressed, so much is missing that they are always hankering: somewhere there must be joy – here it is missing.

Sex is one of the activities given by nature and God in which you are thrown again and again to the present moment. Ordinarily you are never in the present – except when you are making love, and then too for a few seconds only. Tantra says one has to understand sex, to decode sex. If sex is so vital that life comes out of it, then there must be something more to it. That something more is the key towards Divinity, towards God.

"The Tantra Vision, Vol 1"