Welcome to an forgettable session of bliss.
Tantra with Devi, allows a journey for Couples, Women and Men to begin with sensual, expert, bodytobokdy massage.
Warm oils, anoint your skin, soothing music hypnotizes the mind into ethereal realms of pleasure as Devi, seems to be all over and everywhere at once, guides you higher and higher than ever before.
As a devotee of since 2009, Devi embodies the daily mindful practice of White TantraYoga™, meditation and these of Yantra and Mantra, sacred geometry and chants to elevate the experience into the intense levels of epic proportions.
This season is ideal for the explorer and maybe customized to the aficionado of Tantra journeys.

We can cover in any session:

Holy Anointing – warm oil or bathing rituals
Sacred Spot Massage™ – couples, women and men
Tantra Touch – body2body chakra energy healing
Erotic and Sensual Massage – sky clad is offered
Tao Male Mastery – Become a Master of the Male Energy
Amrita – Become a Goddess of the Female Energy
Kissing Lessons – yes, we can all learn the hedonics of kissing

Couples – This can be an experience that you may look back on with a secret smile or embark on the Sacred Spot Massage™ journey
Women – We explore your Secret Garden
Men – We explore your Secret Power

Email me at for most bookings in Northern and Southern California, Hawaii
Text for inquires of an urgent nature 831-296-DEVI
Click here to see my virtual booking site

In love, Tantra with Devi

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