Be a healer for your woman by becoming a more artful lover. Learn how your touch can be deeply healing as well as open her up to her full orgasmic potential.

The Art of Divine Touch is an opportunity for you to learn to give Eros’ touch to your beloved as she has so lovingly given to you.

In a temple setting, in a sacred way you will be re-trained in the art of sensual touch in a series of informative, experiential and fun sessions . Level One is required first to take any of the other sessions. You can however, after doing Level One and speaking with me, do any of the other levels in any order you would like.

Level One will teach you how to develop your touch both sensually and as a healer. You will learn how to become more present and in your body; how to ground your energy and how to be sensitive to your partner’s energy. In this initial session you will learn how to move you and your partner’s energy through breathing and how to create a safe and loving space for her. You will also learn how to give a well rounded massage and brush up on massage techniques.

Level Two will teach you how to connect even more with your healer-within and how to create a sacred setting both physically and energetically. Learn powerful communication techniques that will keep the energy between the two of you ever flowing. You will also learn how to read your beloved’s yoni, how to identify the type of yoni she has, (based on her physiology). You will be able to review what you have learned in the first session as well as learn how to give the Yoni Massage (outer genitalia) to your partner.

Level Three will teach you how to give your woman the 3000 year old Tantric Sacred Spot Healing Massage, (G-spot), opening her up to her full orgasmic potential. You will also have an opportunity to review the Yoni Massage as well if you have taken that session.

Level Four will teach you how to arouse your beloved to a heightened state of ecstacy and keep her there for an extended period of time. You will also learn how to read the arousal signs of a woman’s body. This session is available to couples or if you prefer to work with my co-teacher a double goddess session can be arranged. (This session is new and will available soon. If you are interested in taking this please let me know.)

Each session is two hours in length and is a “hands-on” experience. You will work on one of the teachers or you may invite your beloved to participate with you. In fact, couples are encouraged to learn The Art of Divine Touch together.

All appointments must be made in advance with a deposit of half the amount of the session given one week to ten days prior to your session. There are no refunds but we will gladly reschedule for you and apply the deposit to that visit.

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