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Tantra Couple Healings - Goddess Temple | Goddess Temple

Whether you are single or already in relationship, You want to take that first step toward healing and loving sand healing yourself so that you can create the highest relationship possible. Working together on this as a couple is a rewarding challenge and unique opportunity for emotional growth and self mastery as well as a way to inwardly harmonize our masculine and feminine as well as to our relationships and the world. We provide powerful healing and information to singles and couples all over the world.

There is a powerful intensified magic that occurs when couples learn and practice together. Goddesses specializes in teaching couples about emotional intimacy sexual and response female ejaculation and male erectile function. Many Goddesses can also work with a partner as a couple for individuals and to work with you and your partner.

Do you want to work with a couple? Although I know through experience that it only takes one person to transform an entire relationship, Supercharged transformation comes about when we go to the root of the problem. Core issues always seem to start with our first role models, our parents. Whether it was abandonment, abuse, addiction, or simply parents distracted by work, almost no one has had a perfect childhood. So, here’s a chance to get divine love and nurturing form both sexes at the same time! Enjoy an exotic four handed massage, explore techniques and positions from the Kama Sutra, discover how emotional release work and sound healing will help to heighten your pleasure. Learn advanced Goddess spot massage or how to maximize your sexual energy.

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