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Male G Spot & Prostate Therapy - Goddess Temple | Goddess Temple

Men have a lot of pressure to perform, provide, and accomplish. Here is a session totally without goals. In this session the man is totally receptive. This ceremony can be an hour and a half, or two hours long. The session starts with the Bath Ceremony, consisting of a hot sensual mineral bath to tune you inward and focus the mind while engaging the pleasure receptors in the body and deepening your awareness.

Once the body is relaxed, pampered, massaged and the spirit is nurtured and awakened, the focus is on the first and second chakras. The area of the male g-spot, and the prostate gland are known Tantricly, to be the energetic access point for the Kundalini energy which leads to enlightenment. A gentle digital technique is used for contacting these subtle places with increased receptivity. Expert stimulation, eye contact, and conscious focus are used to heal trauma or clear any old or negative imprinting.

Issues of sexual abuse, abandonment and even rejection, can be accessed through the sexual center. Issues dealing with securities, finances, and commitment reside in the muladhara or root chakra, located at the base of the spine. Loving energy and focused intention help to bring these centers into harmony, heal any wounds from the opposite sex, and increase your capacity to feel pleasurable sensation.

Every person’s experience with this session is different. Some people experience full body orgasm, others have a deep emotional release (tears, laughter, screams) followed by immense pleasure. Most people have powerful dreams for some nights after; the important thing is that you will be given a safe environment to feel and express whatever needs to come up, and a devoted healer to guide and support you. It’s a loving, spiritual experience that will be transformative and unforgettable.

Most Sacred Spot

I’m fond of saying that an afternoon of sacred spot work is like two years of talk therapy. Sacred spot massage and manipulation is a healing modality that can be used to clear emotional blocks in women. With proper instruction, a woman may move quickly and powerfully through the issues that prevent her from exuberantly enjoying her sexual, sensual nature. There is also the potential for experiencing full-body orgasm. I’ve attempted to describe my own experience, and words are weak, but as close as I can get is that I became aware of a pulsating, outward expansion of all that exists, and for a few minutes I entered into this movement, this sensation, with every cell in my body and every aspect of my being. Full-body orgasm is a profound and spiritual occurrence that can be transformational and healing.

Sacred spot has also been called the “G” spot, so named after Dr. Ernest Grafenberg who wrote in 1950 an article about his discovery of this area of the female body. It has actually been known and written about since ancient times, and is well described in eastern texts. Grafenberg’s article is quite hilarious from our current vantage point.

The manipulation of a woman’s sacred spot is a most intimate and privileged act. It should be approached with a sense of exploration and awe. Keep in mind that it may take several sessions before a couple can feel that they are beginning to understand the power of the work and experience results. Over time, though, and with the same partner, it is a precious gift for releasing blocks that keep a woman from enjoying sexual encounters. If she has experienced trauma in her sexual or relationship history and her sacred spot is intentionally stimulated for healing, she may remember inappropriate touching, undesired intercourse, or other sexual or emotional trauma. Unresolved issues around abortion, miscarriage, medical exams and childbirth may be present. Sacred spot is like a map of a woman’s sexual history to date. The work may also trigger fantasies, past life images, birth trauma and repressed childhood sexual abuse memories. The work is also useful for simply reducing the tension and stress from our busy lives.

A session involving sacred spot work can be one of re-flowering. This healing ceremony removes any negative imprints from first sexual experiences, so that more positive sexual memories can come forward in his life. The sexual system, located in the second chakra, is the most vulnerable to being shut down by our life traumas. This results in a diminishment of life force throughout the entire body and being and of course, this means less pleasure. It is rare to have not experienced some form of sexual mistreatment, intrusion or harassment. None of us get ideal information about our sexuality and our bodies. We all — both men and women — suffer from the demeaning and violent images of women that are prevalent in our culture. Sacred spot massage begins to remove these layers of distress, increase pleasure

Obviously, there is much to learn prior to attempting sacred spot manipulation. Among many good resources and educators, Charles Muir is an excellent teacher. And has a wonderful Audio tape (complete with a “map”) How to find the G-oddess spot and important intentions for healing your beloved are some general guidelines to work with.

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