Enjoy the ultimate in indulgence. Have two gorgeous Goddesses, four heavenly hands, twenty tantalizing fingers massaging your body and soul into Tantric ecstasy!

The Bath Ceremony and Male Sacred Spot and many other ceremonies can be done by two delightful angels at the same time. There is nothing more beautiful than two women sharing Shakti with each other and with YOU!

Almost all of the sessions can be “doubled”. But we don’t recommend starting off with a Double Goddess session if you are a novice in the area of Tantra. These sessions can be quite intensive, possibly dangerous if you are not used to running high levels of Tantric energy.

Find out firsthand why people are calling this magical fluid the “fountain of youth” and “the most divine elixir life has to offer”. Explore Amrita and the power of female sacred spot activation with two trained Goddess experts!

In Southern California join Rita and Ren for a Double Goddess Ceremony! Click to visit their page http://ocgoddesstemple.com/2g

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