The sessions focus on assisting you in developing the ability to have control and mastery over your sexual energy and re-creating your erotic nervous system. They are not focused on immediate sexual gratification but rather on building sexual energy and learning how to circulate this energy throughout your entire body, eventually leading to full body orgasm(s) and orgasm without ejaculation.

In this session we begin by teaching a basic breathing techniques such the Complete Breath or the Kinsey number scale 6-10. You will then have a chance to practice this breath until you feel comfortable with it. You will also learn how to do a  pleasuring practice which will teach you ejaculation control. This practice, you will be expected to do at home by yourself and with a partner.  In addition to this you will learn how to increase your chi energy through doing a Taoist exercise know as the Microcosmic Orbit.

The focus of the session is to increase the flow of energy in your body. You will learn this by doing a dynamic meditation designed specifically for this following with a breathing exercise. Breathing and learning how to draw your sexual energy up your spine and circulating it throughout your body is the key to becoming a “multi- orgasmic” man. You will be expected to continue the self pleasuring exercise for the next month with an additional exercise or two.

You will primarily be learning how to do The Energy Orgasm Breath, which when practiced will clear out old stuck energy from your chakra centers and open you to experiencing a full body orgasm through breathing. This session will be entirely devoted to this practice. You will also learn how to do the Heart Pleasuring Exercise and you will be expected to practice this.

In this session you will have the opportunity to receive a Taoist Lingum Massage. This massage is focused on doing The Big Draw ( a Taoist exercise designed to give you a full body orgasm) at the end and not ejaculating. To really experience this you will have needed to do the homework from the previous sessions and developed the ability to master your sexual energy to some degree, to breathe continuously and to relax your body while aroused.

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